Hello, I am Stephen Duplantis

I am running against

Senator Natasha Von Imhof

Senate District L

My positions:

* The PFD belongs to you not greedy politicians who have no clue how to develop a 

    responsible budget. FOLLOW THE EXISTING LAW!

* The Binding Caucus Rule is designed to give power to a select few who do not 

   have the leadership skills it takes to guide budgets respecting equal 

   representation. I will refuse to join any caucus which bribes senators to participate.

* We must live within our ability to afford the government we design. Just because

    there is not "Constitutional Spending Limit" does not mean representatives should            ignore one all together.

* I am adamantly opposed to any statewide sales or income tax. We have far better

   natural resources to develop than reaching into the pocketbook of every Alaskan.





(907) 250-4655

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