Hello, I am Stephen Duplantis

I am running against

Senator Natasha Von Imhof

Senate District L

My positions:

* The PFD belongs to you not greedy politicians who have no clue how to develop a 

    responsible budget. FOLLOW THE EXISTING LAW!

* The Binding Caucus Rule is designed to give power to a select few who do not 

   have the leadership skills it takes to guide budgets respecting equal 

   representation. I will refuse to join any caucus which bribes senators to participate.

* We must live within our ability to afford the government we design. Just because

    there is not "Constitutional Spending Limit" does not mean representatives should            ignore one all together.

* I am adamantly opposed to any statewide sales or income tax. We have far better

   natural resources to develop than reaching into the pocketbook of every Alaskan.




Regarding the PFD. This is the People's money. The traditional PFD distribution is existing law. A majority of our current legislators have mutually agreed to ignore the law and take whatever they want from the People's money without consequences. This is what elections are for. It is time the citizens of Alaska weigh in on this disregard for law and retire those representatives who are destroying the PFD and refuse to pay back the money previously withheld. Their acts have have a direct, detrimental impact on our economy. These legislators need to be held accountable for the financial destruction they have collectively orchestrated. Senator Natasha Von Imhof is one of the leaders to this rebellion against the People of Alaska.  


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